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Apr 23, 2014

BYOD Done right

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is a reality in the workplace now. You can't argue with it. Information workers to remote field staff are starting to expect companies to tow the line and let them use their own devices. Nobody1 wants to carry a personal phone AND work one. People are even less thrilled about their 3 year old clunky corporate laptop when their sleek iPad will do the same job. People want familiar tools across both work and home. Consumerisation of IT is more than just a corporate buzzword, it's happening, and BYOD is a BIG and attractive part of it.

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Dec 13, 2013

Why Jeans & Kicks?

I'm not interested in wearing a suit day-to-day. Barney Stinson is not going to be pleased...

I started this blog with the intention of providing my views on the technology industry (and like most of my creative ventures I've been slack as hell with it). As I interact with it on a day to day basis, I observe all sorts of trends, patterns and crazy behaviours. It's an industry I love because just when you think you've heard or seen everything, someone will come along and surprise you with something completely new.

Having moved to the "dark side" and joining the sales side of this business, the basic principles of the previous paragraph continue to hold true for me. On top of that I'm exposed to the "business" side of things which often yields just as many quirky and interesting things for me to comment on and poke fun at.

The first thing I want to tackle is how this new blogging venture got it's title; "Jeans & Kicks"1. Jeans and Kicks is somewhat my unofficial uniform as I continue to embark on my day to day adventures.

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Oct 9, 2013

From Developer to Travelling Salesman 2

In my last post I discussed why I transitioned from developer to sales person. It is far and away the most common question people ask me. Once I've explained it (which with the publishing of that post has become a lot simpler) the next most common question I get asked is along the lines of "What's it like?" or "How is it different?"

The perception of what sales people do among developers is usually amusing to me; primarily because it's a perception I very much shared. You put a suit on, go out and suck up to some people over coffee and voila you've made a sale right? Not quite.

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Oct 2, 2013

From Developer to Travelling Salesman

Confession 1: My name is Justin Taylor (though most people call me JT) and I'm a salesman.

Confession 2: Worse than that, I gave up a promising career as a software developer to become a salesman.

The news of this transition was greeted with a mixture of disbelief, scorn and some good natured mocking by my technical colleagues and friends. The members of the technical community who have only met me at user groups and conferences since my career transition seem genuinely confused as to why I'm there, or completely disinterested in my existence.

In spite of all this the two most common questions I get asked by the tech crowd are:

  1. Why did you move in to sales? (usually phrased as "WTF did you do that for?")
  2. What's it like being a developer/technical person in a sales role?

So with this, my inaugural "professional" blog post since leaving my developer life behind, I will attempt to answer the first of those questions in the most definitive way that I can.

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